About Us

TrinbagoList was created to be the very best classifieds available in Trinidad and Tobago. Its founder was frustrated by the fact the classifieds available were slow, unfriendly, non-mobile and costly.  This was troubling to him because he knew it wouldn’t take much effort to create something so much better. Hence TrinbagoList was born. Trinbagolist aims to be the number one online classified ads in Trinidad and Tobago to buy sell and Trade new and used items and goods. It allows users to post goods and request free of charge on the site. Some of the features that separates TrinbagoList form other classified includes:-

-Free of charge

-Post as many ads as you would like.

-Post up to 12 pics per ad

-Many different categories to chose from

-Google Maps for your product so people can see where it is located

- Change or edit your ad at anytime

-site is completely mobile with app to come

- Did we mention its FREE.

We would like you to use TrinbagoList and let us know how we are doing. If you like it Let us know, if you hate certain aspects of it, Let us know, If you want to see certain features, Let us know. If you don’t see your city or village, Let us know. Remember this site was built for you and you are the ones who will help us determine how well it functions. Contact us on our contact page and Let us Know about our classifieds.

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